Gizioshowbiz news learnt that traditional leaders in a village near Akosombo have granted an approval to a man to divorce his wife (herein known as Catherine) due to her poor personal hygiene.

The couple have been married for 5 years but according to the man (referred to here as John) claims he’s gone through excessive ‘psychological torture’ as Catherine hates taking her bath, shaving her pubic area and brushing her teeth.

Kasatintin News gathers that the traditional leaders acceded to John’s request – to end the marriage – because they feared ‘Catherine was silently killing her husband softly with her body odour’.

It also emerged that the couple have s3xual intercourse just once a year due to Catherine’s barbaric hygiene habits.

‘They do not have a child. How can they?’ A communityleader

The dissolution of the marriage was granted, and based on the following grounds:

  • That Catherine bathes only once in a year
  • That she occasionally washes her hair
  • That Catherine hardly shaves her pubic hair ( including armpit, vag!na)
  • That Catherine brushes her teeth once every month (on condition that John buys her a bar of chocolate)

This does not come as a surprise to many.  A few months ago, and accused his wife of skipping her shower before going to work.

A news blog quoted the movie producer as stating that his wife ‘skips bath before she goes to work, and I have been on her for so many times but that behaviour has become her habit. Someone should advice my wife to take her bath before she goes to work.’

A renowned British fashion designer, Dame Vivienne Westwood once told

The 76-year-old fashion designer advised that people should not ‘wash too much’ in the presence of her husband, Andreas Kronthaler, 51 who also admits he only washes down ‘once a month’.

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