Video : Ebony was truly a lezbian? new video sees her deep k!ssing Franky the lady she died with!!


This seems like a general principle: “once you die, all your ‘dirty’ secrets will find their way out”.

Just after Ebony’s death, romors popped up that she was a lesbian and that the lady she died with (Franky Kuri) was her lezbian partner.

Bullet (Ebony’s manager came out to rubbish all of them tittle-tattles).

We at don’t see anything wrong with someone’s decision to be a lesbian–after all, life’s all about choices.

However, some bunch of hypocrites bashed us left, right, centre , forward saying our claims were mere lies…and that we should respect the dead.

Well, I’ll save much talking…but the new filla reaching us is…a new video already making waves on social media sees Ebony deep kissing Franky Kuri.

They were best of friends even till death…but to french kiss?

That to us confirms that Ebony was a lezbian…and Franky was her partner.

Watch the video below:



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