This is unfair.
Ak Songstress has not stolen Mzbel’s song but rather Mzbel is manipulating her large followers to create the much heeded hype and controversy needed for her comeback. On the face of it, it will look like its Ak Songstress who is looking for the hype but rather its Mzbel who needs it.

Mzbel has been signed by a new label and about to drop a song and needed this hype. Mzbel has dropped songs in the past that has gotten no where cos her time has passed and desperately needed this. She chose the right person because Ak Songstress is a fire brand.

Label Mzbel is an experienced social media influencer and she is enjoying this. My advice to Ak Songstress is there will be no court papers coming to her door steps. Nkomo is her song and Mzbel has taken the gullible public for a ride to the extent people are going on th Ak Songstress YouTube page and typing stolen song underneath the video Nkomo ft Medikal.

Source : Prooxclusive !!!


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