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Stop Hating Me , Focus On Your Career – Dhat Gyal To Up and Coming Female Artistes In Ghana

Holiday Africa music signee artist Ernestina Afari popularly known as Dhat Gyal has disclosed her displeasure on how a fellow up and coming female artist in the music industry have started throwing shades and hatred to her .

In a facebook post spotted by gizoshowbiz.com The sensational singer Dhat gyal wrote ;

‘I decided to keep quiet on these issues but I think is becoming too much ..I see hate all over social media ..instead of underground’s and upcoming female musicians to create unity and good relationship in the music industry, they have started with hate …why do they always want to tag me in their headline to get hype ..I remember the late Ebony did a video concerning same issue. but I have now realized it’s all real .. why can’t we come together and do something together. Can you imagine how beautiful it will be ? .. please I know where am coming from and God raised me to this point so am always careful in everything I do or say … I will never do something to hunt me in the future … let’s be mindful of how we want to gain attention..if God says is your time no matter what you do it’s surly your time .. let’s encourage and stop discouraging ”

Below are some of the comments on social media made by some of the up and coming female artists ;

Dhat Gyal who recently released her a new single tited ‘Welcome to Africa ‘ is enjoying much attention and airplay on various media platform.


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