MUST READ !! The Shatta Wale Mentality You Need Badly


I grew up with hiplife, in fact, I can write the history of hip-life and miss very little details.


I have seen one time hitmakers like: Osaman Kweku, JD of Alanpan fame, Pricky, Filanzy, Okyeame Kojo Kum, Keewuo, Sas Squard and countless others who got us dancing for year and vanished into thin air after their first hit

I have seen once established stars who faded and tried to relaunch their careers.

Nana Quame, Kontihene, T-Blaze, KK Fosu, Quata, and what have you all tried but failed to make an impact.

Osofo Alewa deserves a honorable mention here.


Shata Wale is different and special

In deed, he was never really deemed legit with his first time hit: Bandana from Ghana but one thing is clear: he kept fighting.

He produced many songs that failed to make the mark after Bandana from Ghana, the only one that got a little recognition was No Problem. He had many reasons to grab a Visa and go wash bowls abroad like others did but this man kept pushing.

He believed in his ability, reinvented himself and took Ghana by storm.

I am one person happy for his success because it is an inspiration for anyone out there chasing a dream that if you believe you are good enough, keep fight, keep trying and keep re-strategising.

Hitting, going cold and coming back again is never easy.

I know the hunger he endured, the ridicule is easy to envisage. Those who told him not to keep wasting his life are likely to be many. But the guy did it.

Coming back is more difficult in music than starting afresh.

You can ask Tic Tac, I have seen him throwing away the money he made from Melcom to stage a come back and I’m worried for him, like a prophet, I know what is going to happen.

If Shtatta could, why can’t Tic Tac?

Anyone who understands music knows that even though Tic made some great hits in the past, he was never really talented. The best part of almost every Tic song came from those he featured. Also, with his come back song, you can see that he hasn’t reinvented himself. The trend has changed since Philomena Kpintinge, but Tic Tac remains the same.

This is the difference between Shata and all who made attempts to relaunch their careers: he changed a lot to conform to current trends.

For you reading this post, you can learn something from Shatta even if you don’t admire his approach, believe in yourself, look for new ways to do the same thing if the old ways aren’t working.

In doing this, you need your pride and arrogance, don’t settle for less than you deserve because you want to be heard: insist on your true worth.

Fake humility is the reason why some people will be laid in state next to Mr Mediocrity.

Shatta evaluated himself and insisted on the right price

This doesn’t mean if you do it exactly the way Shatta did it, you will also succeed, it doesn’t always work like that.

What this means is that if you keep working, keep fighting and keep trying, you stand a better chance at succeeding.

You may not like his approach, it is like that with most people who defy all odds to make it, they suffer a lot of disappointments, ridicule and attacks along the way that they are sometimes forced to develop an unconventional approach to doing things. For the most part, they are politically incorrect.

My only problem with Shatta is that despite the difficult times he’s had, he is quick to attack people he deem broke. His experience in the nothing side of life should give him empathy towards those who are where he used to be.

Maybe, it is his disdain for poverty that spurred him on.

When the easiest option was to call it a day, Shatta kept fighting until he saw his breakthrough.

This is the difference between the mindset of those who toiled to success and those who almost succeeded.

NB: This doesn’t mean if your boyfriend is disturbing you, don’t leave him oo.

story by Isaac Kyei Andoh


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