Mr Beautiful Rain Curses On Nicholas Omane Acheampong


Nicholas Omane Acheampong is known to be a church member of Glorious Waves Chaple founded by Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi.


He is also among the many celebrities who have benefitted from the prophet’s car gifting spree.And according to what Gizoshowbiz.comgathered a few days ago, Nicholas Omane Acheampong is the only celebrity who have had three cars from Prophet Badu Kobi.


He had been given two Saloon cars before a new Nissan Pathfinder 7-seater in 2016.

With all these, he has been the most ungrateful to the prophet— that’s according to Ghanaian actor and the NDC activist Clement Bonney also known as Mr Beautuful.

However, Mr Beautiful speaking on Rainbow Radio’s Entertainment Gh on Saturday as an unofficial spokesperson to prophet Kobi, claimed the “Tabitha Kum” hitmaker has been talking bad about the prophet to people.

According to Mr Beautiful, Nicholas told his mechanic that, Prophet Badu gave him an old car after serving him for 15 years whiles he gives others brand new cars.


“Omane Acheampong is ungrateful, and Agyemang, do you know he doesn’t attend Prophet Kobi’s Church anymore?.He is said to have told his “Fita” that, prophet gave him an old car whiles he gives others brand new cars. And because of that, he is now attending Owusu Bempah’s church”Mr beautiful told the host Agyemang.


Now the Curses


When Mr Beautiful was questioned on how he got to know all these and if really the gospel musician said what he claimed;


” Agyemang, he did and I was made to call him in the presence of Prophet Badu Kobi.He tried to deny and I told him if he is lying then he will die in a car crash and if he isn’t then I will.I said that, because I am sure of what I know” He added.


The gospel musician was called to on the matter and he cunningly hesitated to talk about Mr beautiful but denied and stated that;


“If even I attend Owusu Bempah’s church, he is the spiritual father to Badu Kobi’s so what’s the fuss.My ministry calls for me to be at different churches and so if I go to a different church, what is Mr Beautifuls’s problem?”


“Is he now the spokesperson for Prophet Kobi?Nicholas Omane Acheampong


There seems to be a personal “scuffle” going on between the actor Mr Beautiful and gospel musician Nicholas Omane Acheampong and more will reveal if there is the


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