Most Of Eastern Region Presenters Don’t Help Us – Eastern Artists



The Eastern region artists are accusing the Eastern region Radio and Tv presenters of not helping them in Creative Arts industry.

Speaking to some of the artists in Koforidua, nkawkaw, Akim Oda, Suhum and Somanya, they said the presenters are not helping them promote their songs.

One big artist name withheld in a conversation with a secret investigator said, there are some biggest artists in the region who need just a little push from the presenters to excel to the whole country and the world at large.

He made emphasis to how other region artists are excelling faster than them just because, their presenters are helpful and think of them in the industry.

“I don’t see any help Eastern presenters are giving us. They always accuse us of producing bad songs but what is the difference between our songs and songs produced from other regions?. Some of our lyrics are even better than them. The Eastern presenters are not just helping us” he said with emotion.

They are therefore appealing to the Presenters Association in the Eastern Region to put measures in place to help promote them massively.

Finally, they promised not to forget them when they succeed in the industry.

Story: Secret Investigator.


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