Let me first commend the CEO of Zylofon Media for the journey so far. It is obvious the company entered a fragmented industry with a scattered brain. The beginning seemed confusing and incoherent but gradually, the company seem to be reorganising to pursue their set goal.


Talking about set goal, I doubt I am the only person with no grip on the clear cut goal of zylofon’s investment but I believe with time we will appreciate it.


Zylofon has signed some actors and I can say without a doubt that its next to bootless an expenditure. That will be my next subject after this. Watch out for it.


Kumi Guitar was signed by Zylofon media not too long ago. The details of his monetary benefits were so public that mentioning them here will be nothing but a ricocheting monotone of a tune.


A little history; Kumi started as a rapper from his high school days. Yea, Kumi Guitar can rap very well. I still wonder why he has chosen high life but may be his reasons are spelt out in his new single – I have dream.


Immediately after zylofon signing him came his single, BROWN SUGAR, then brown sugar video and there  was the radio tour. And immediately after radio tour came the plenitude of new signings. It was obvious the first baby of Zylofon suffered from deviation of attention and still having its cold effects on him.


A company that has got virtually a large number of unqualified and inexperienced managers and employees, is definitely having issues after doing their big signings.


What really went into the signing of Yaw Kumi? What did they see in him that motivated the signing? Is what they saw in him still there or may be petered out?


With the seemingly planned media blackout on the promotion of Kumi’s singles, zylofon need to sit down, think and come back with a different approach. Other than that Kumi will be a pale shadow of the expectations of him.



For Kumi to survive and make headways in the music industry, he first needs to come up with a personal strategy; PROMOTE HIS OWN SONGS!


He cannot for now wait on the media to promote his songs for him for free without a relationship. In this country, healthy relationships give results. Yes zylofon will do their part but believe me, they are more interested in selling their brand through the established artists than the struggling.


You just saw the pictures of Becca’s unavailing on UK tour buses. Why wasn’t same done for Kumi? On the pictures are Zylofon boldly embossed.


If Kumi can come out of the golden mansions and shelters of zylofon and play in the sand with the media who are paid very little by their employers, he will see his songs been played at no cost at all. People will begin to relate to him as Kumi Guitar and not as a millionaire from zylofon who should be pushing every single air play with brown envelop.


Most are not playing his songs for a flimsy excuse of not being given anything in the brown envelops. As a struggling artist, its of course, that you will need to push your way through with brown envelops but with the new signings of zylofon, I doubt that will be something they will be willing to do.


So Kumi create the relationship! Make friends! Talk to people. Let the relationships you create with these media persons be healthy enough to make you realise your dreams.




Every good musician like Kumi Guitar has “something inside so strong”, that propels him to write good songs. Kumi is no doubt a promising musician but he needs to really find himself. Money can’t do this for you but yourself. Lyrically find yourself, generically find yourself. Get feedback from those who listen to your songs. I don’t mean zylofon bootlickers and employees. Get feedback from the other side.


What are people saying about your songs? What are the dislikes? Any suggestions from the listeners? These help you to know and understand the consumers of your songs. It is called music consumers satisfaction survey.


This cannot be done by Zylofon for Kumi but himself alone.


There is so much to write but so little a space for them.

Nigerians come to Ghana with fat envelops for DJs and presenters to push their songs for them. Yes fat envelops. Something that these same presenters and DJs expected from Zylofon.


Zylofon came in as wealthy company and such introductions motivate a desire for lion’s share on the side of the DJs and Presenters. When they didn’t receive such lion’s share, they spewed their disappointed on the songs of the struggling, yet, budding musician.


Zylofon doesn’t need to spend much to promote the songs of Becca, Stonebwoy and Joyce Blessing.  Most DJs will play their songs whether paid or not because they have already made the name and have created their network of media friends already.


This is good reason why the budget for promoting Kumi Guitar should be higher than that for promoting the aforementioned. Why? Because they are already established.


Kumi Guitar is a great musician whose main problem is making his diction of lyrics clear enough to be learnt.


I believe Kumi can make it if given the needed support. I believe our media friends will support the man, in spite of the Zylofon factor which is almost becoming like an albatross to his brand.


Kumi Guitar, you need to fight your way through this maze. Its never going to be easy. A feat the money of Zylofon cannot buy.

Good luck.

Authored by : Ola Michael


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