Kakra Jay Set To Unleash “My Mashup Story”


High life and Afro Beat singer kakra jay who has so many songs to his credit, is set to unleash something new and sensational into the industry ” MY MASHUP STORY”A combine popular Hi Life songs with a story telling With a mashup up,Inaninterviewwithgizoshowbiz.com He said ,”I decided to use the old songs. The hi life songs to tell a story. So I decided to call it my mashup story. So the first one (Odo)was talking about how the people feel wen they are in love when people are really in love

And the second one (Odo Yewu) too was talking about what happens after you fall in love.
There can be many mistakes. So I did that one making people no that when you wrong your love one you should say sorry and wherever he or she is with a pure heart he or she will return to you. And the third (Odo Beba)is also talked about love as well. But this time after you tell your love you are sorry you have the hope that because of love he or she will return to you … and to those who’s love once are far away too can relate to it”

The ” mashup story” tune will be available soon on all your trusted digital media platforms including www.gizoshowbiz.com


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