Junka Town Popular Actor Too Much Receives Slaps On Stage


The lead actor behind the popular television series junkaTown produced by “tango one production ”  Ibrahim idrees known in showbiz name as too much.

The comic actor had  receives slaps over his new banger 

song titled “Mbabii” .

According to report reaching to gizoshowbiz.com stated that  young men mounted

the stage to slap him whiles the comic actor too much was performing

with his new banging tune Mbabii song.

According to report reaching suggest that   the reason of the slaps was because Too

much was performing Mbabii as a direct insult

to The citizens of Frafra.


The young men according to report were

members of the Frafra Youth and had earlier

warned organizers of the show to stop Too

much from Performing that song but that did

not deter him from performing one of the

most listened song in Ghana this year.

The case has been reported to the police for further investigation.



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