Ghana High Commission(SA) Refuse To Endorse Ghana Music Awards South Africa


Ghana’s High Commissioner to South Africa George Ayisi Boateng has called on the organizer’s of Ghana music awards south africa to take the name Ghana from their event (Ghana Music awards south Africa ).

The organizers had contacted the mission for endorsement after several weeks of financial, technical and administrative planning and didn’t go asking for money or any form of assistance, yet the commissionr Ayisi Boating authorized Media Africa Studios to either partner with a said company and move the scheduled event from November 2018 to March 2019, a date chosen by the supposed partners or remove the name “Ghana” from the event and deassociate the Ghana High Commission from the awards.

The director of Media Africa Studios Mr. Ernest Fosu and his team members had thought of the idea of partnership as a good initiative but explained to the commissioner how disorganized the event might look if they have to move the event to next year after assuring sponsors and stakeholders of the date, but the commissioner abused his powers and insisted the event be either partners and change the date or be named something else.

Mr. Fosu said, “This issue was discussed behind closed doors between two parties and the commission but somehow has found it way to potential sponsors who threatened to pull out of the event. A few media guys has contacted us to seek our response to the allegations but we decided to channel our attention to making sure the event becomes a success. Who ever is trying to sabotage the event should try harder”

The CEO of Media Africa Studios has refused to comment on anything concerning the ultimatum while speaking to the director he said “I am responsible for my words and so is Ayisi Boateng, I can’t answer for him and I choose to follow on suit as my boss. As you can see we have been consistent and focused and won’t be distracted by anything.

The event which is organized by South African entertainment company Media Africa Studios few weeks ago released it nomination list of the much awaited maiden edition Ghana Music Awards – South Africa. The event is scheduled for 3rd November 2018 venue Ebony Lounge Pretoria West South Africa. Ticket price is R300 for single R500 for couple while table for 5 is R2000

In a facebook live by Mr.Philips wagyims ceo of Rolex vision management Switzerland spotted by gizoshowbiz the entertainment pundit and board member of Ghana music awards south Africa expressed his displeasure to Ghana’s ambassador to south on a statement made by the diplomat to the organizer’s to take the name Ghana from their initiative.

Here is footage of the live video on Facebook spotted by Gizoshowbiz by mr philipe wagyims angrily throwing shades on Ghana’s Ambassador to south Africa.


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