Eastern Music Awards (Night) : A REVIEW













The maiden  edition of the  Eastern Music Awards  was quite best produced in the  history of the a maiden awards.


This is according to me (gizoshowbiz.com) and quite a number of people I run into at the eastern premier hotel on commentary threads. Yes, it didn’t start on time just as promised by the organisers. Yes, DJ jah Solo and Eminado didn’t hit it off right from the start.


Yes, the Lifetime Achievement Award presentation was a  good initiative. But all in all, I think this maiden edition of eastern music awards need to be progressive for sustainability of the awards .




Yes there were issues with timing as always. I think it is a Ghanaian disease that may require some miraculous occurrence to cure. Hmm  I recall speaking to one colleague blogger as indiscipline our musicians still got to the auditorium late. What is remarkable about this though was that there was was a very deliberate attempt to stick to time.


the red carpet saw a very number of disappointment attendance with more than 70% of the nominee’s not showing up”. I am dead sure these guys had wanted us to see what they wore and to also be seen and heard on TV. So yea, ignoring them to move on with the show was a good idea. The show may have lasted some four hours, but that surely was way better than the 6, 7 hours we have been dealt with in .



Kwame Dadzie of Citi fm as the MC and Co host DJ kinino of sunrise . They may have had some hiccups from the start but that got sorted out very quickly. They duo didn’t wow me but they got the job done special DJ kinino who was to be the announcer turn out  to be a ushering  DJ trinity was at his usual best. I have a  pronounced feeling that Kwame dadzie and DJ kinino the two may not have spent enough time together prior to this to increase the chemistry between them. But MC Kwame hey, the job got done effectively even if it was without a memorable spark.




On the bill we had good mix that represented a majority of the genres of music we were entertained with in by nominee’s. Very disappointed with  absence of most of the artiste on bill to perform on the night.


But the was performances from,


Koo Ntakra


Tee Rhyme


Atom reloaded


Obaapa Gyamfua


Racky Nova


Chuku lion


Davida Afriyie








Very disappointing kuami Eugene , medikal , Pope skinny and few others who were expected to perform at that night did no appear at the night of the event.








I saw snaps from some of some  friends that showed the guys rehearsing ahead of the big day. I think generally it paid off. It sure did.



Koo ntakra showed us how versatile he was and reminded us he is the king of kofcity.





With the exception of a few categories, I think I can safely say that I was not surprised much.  think


Quite a number of people also expected koo Ntakra  i to win the main award. But I had argued weeks before that much as the 48 bars hitmaker fulfills the qualification for the award, certain attributes about him made him prepared to carry that title. In wasn’t surprised he won.


Koo Ntakra and few others did a lot of work last year and he’s earned this.


I have followed koo Ntakra for sometime and I think he has grown over the years as an artist. He  has prove to us over the years  that  he deserves the  artis of the year, and then he shall have a lot more people clamouring for him to win the biggest title we have.






Brands person and I couldn’t help but notice how darling alcoholic beverages main sponsors  had their stamp on the event. Right from outdoor branding away from the venue through to venue brand visibility, on stage presence, and the entry of the conference room experience created for staff and special guests of sponsors were not present it was impossible to ignore the main sponsors of the awards. Brands take search visibility seriously and rightly so. Whoever handled darling al   coholic beverages  visibility needs a part on the back. Im Very disappointed for  them not offering an ushering services to the main event.





THE first edition of the Eastern Music Awards didn’t recorded an impressive turnout of entries for consideration into it first edition , what may cause of poor attendance at the event , one may ask ,


Did organizers promoted the event?


The event date crush with odwira festival was the may cause of low recorded turnout from music lover’s?


Hmmm was very disappointed with the recorded turnout by nominee’s who were not present at the event , as a good initiative to award outstanding musicians in the region (eastern region).




The Eastern  Music Awards just first  edition and there are still people expressing displeasure in one way or another for their inability to win an award and expectations from various individuals on the maiden edition.


Congratulations to all the award winners and to those who did not won anything better luck next time.


Gizoshowbiz.com will like to congratulate the brain behind this formidable initiative Hi5 production wishing  sustainability of this  project more grace ahead.



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