The coordinator for the Free S.H.S Secretariat in the Eastern Region, Nana Ofosu Asante Twum popularly called Nana OAT has appealed to parents and guardians not to be in haste to choose a self-placement option for their wards when they do not get placement.

In an interview on Adekyee Mu Nsem on Nopras FM with Bright Mensah, Nana Ofosu Asante Twum spoke at length on how placement would be done on the Computerized Schools Selection Placement System (CSSPS) in the 2020/2021 academic year S.H.S postings.
He explained that schools across the country have been categorized as A,B,C,D,E and F. Where as Categories A,B and C are selections for boarding placement, Category D is for day placement, Category E is a list of all Technical and Vocational training schools which is a compulsory choice for every student. The Category F, includes all private schools in the country, here, parents who are interested in sending their wards to such schools can negotiate with the school for their wards to attend.
The selection process is such that a student is allowed to choose a category A school which has 73 second cycle schools only once, but can choose a category B school which has 232 schools under it, twice, the category C is made up of 416 schools and follows the procedure of the previous categories.
The category D however is made up of all 721 second cycle institutions across the length and breadth of Ghana, any selection made in this category is taken on the basis of being a day student, parents are therefore advised to pick schools under this category in their catchment area.
There is also category E school which is made up all technical and vocational schools in the country.
Out of these categories a pupil is expected to make five choices of schools that encompasses all categories. A student who do not get placement in all their selected schools, should together with their parents or guardian consult an educationist; a teacher or a personnel at the Education Service Directorate in their locality before pursuing the self placement option.
Mr. Nana Ofosu Asante Twum also added that equal opportunities have been created for pupils from rural and deprived communities to ensure equity in the second cycle schooling system.


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